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Gastro Bar Aylyakria

Aylyakria is an experience.

Awakening of all senses. Elegant combination of contrasts.
You immerse in the cozy atmosphere of a 100-years old building in Kapana – authentic brick walls and wooden beams, underlined by green plants; a carpet from Kotel among the elegance of marble and velvet…

Gentle aroma of selected Bulgarian wines and quenching pleasure of craft beer bring back the harmony between body and soul.
It`s time for the explosion of taste to take place – traditional Bulgarian dishes, prepared and served with our twist or popular dishes of the world cuisine, created with the help of local craft products.

Simple and juicy, but at the same time, refined and with a style. Always bringing bliss.

Code of the Aylyak

In the beginning it was the Aylyak.
It was the real light, which enlightened every soul, when it reached the world.
And we all have accepted the fullness and blessing of the Aylyak and we worship the Principles of the Aylyak...

The Principles:

  • The Aylyak is the highest form of Delight. Look for it and find it in anything.
  • The worst enemies of the Aylyak are the stress, complaining and negativism.
  • So, among our tasks, is to provoke joy in anti-aylyak people!
  • Healthy and strong spirit in well fed body. The delight is in each bite and in each sip, do not underestimate the power of positive drinking!
  • Appreciate and live in reality – this is the only place where you can find decent food! And you are what you eat.
  • When the cow is happy, the cheese is good. The delight in the food comes from the products used, from their history and origin.
  • Stay true to your roots and rediscover the taste of the fresh, local and craft. It does not matter if the recipe is old if you trust in its ingredients.

Best restaurant! Inspired Bulgarian cuisine with a twist. Beautiful food, amazing Bulgarian wines, and the service, team and owners were fantastic. Some of the most fantastic food I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy! Highly recommend booking as we were lucky to get a table. Will defo be back!

Dan Ladd

Amazing service, the staff asked if we want to have all the meals at the same time (something very rare for restaurants in Bulgaria) and were very polite throughout our meal experience. The food was extremely delcious, and the best value for money. One of the top choices if you want to experience tasty food at the heart of Plovdiv.

Alexander Lapshin

Fantastic experience here, from some of the tastiest food we had on our whole trip to excellent service. Service was everything it ought to be friendly, helpful and attentive. And steered us well with recommendations and just created a lovely atmosphere. Food was fabulous, I'm only sorry we had to leave the next day or I would have returned. Highly recommended.

Caroline Judge

If you don’t like this place you’ve either had bad luck or there is something inherently wrong with you! PEOPLE BEWARE! Great value for money here! Food 5/5 Service 5/5

Dominant Credo

Eat drink love repeat.

Boris Gall

Definitely to visit.

Svetozar Vuchkov

Awesome place! Having high requirements for service, presentation and taste, they covered everything here! Soon I was not served by such friendly, smiling and caring staff! I hope to have the opportunity to visit them again soon!

Rumiana Spassova-Velikova